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July 2010: Causeway Classic III catalogue now available

Moira venue for Holstein NI event on Wednesday, August 10

Catalogues are now available for the Causeway Classic III, an event which has been billed as one of the most anticipated Holstein sales of 2011.

Organised by Holstein NI in conjunction with Genus ABS and United Feeds, the evening event takes place at the Pedigree Sales Arena, Moira, on Wednesday, August 10. Calves will be on view from 6pm, and the first lot will come under the hammer of auctioneer Michael Taaffe at 7pm sharp!

Holstein NI chairman, Alan Cleland, said:”We are looking forward to this year’s event. The Causeway Classic brand was established in 2009 as part of the breed’s centenary celebrations. Our inaugural sale was a tremendous success, hitting the headlines with a 20,000gns European record for an unborn heifer calf.  Last year’s event was also hailed a huge success, with a top price of 10,200gns, and an average of almost 3,900 per head.

“The vendors have come together to produce yet another exceptional entry of high calibre youngstock. The catalogue features many top bloodlines and renowned cow families from throughout the Holstein world, and will give pedigree enthusiasts a unique opportunity to invest in some of the breed’s most sought-after bloodlines.”

The Causeway Classic III catalogue boasts 26 heifers, two first choices and three lots of embryos.

 Holstein UK’s John Gribbon has individually inspected and selected the calves for the sale. “The impressive catalogue offers something for everyone, from top type, exceptional production, longevity, pedigree power, and most importantly, rock solid genetics.

“Breeders have certainly put their best foot forward to showcase the very best genetics that Northern Ireland has to offer. The catalogue boasts an unrivalled selection of heifers, many of which are guaranteed to attract considerable attention from breeders throughout Ireland and further afield.”

Herds represented include: Ards, Ballycairn, Ballycrochan, Ballyginniff, Ballygrainey,  Carnhill, Carrowcroft, Castletru, Clarkestown, Cluntagh, Dunbanard, Frocess, Glasson, Hilltara, Killane, Priestland and Towerview.

A host of exciting cow families are represented, including: Alitude (Kamps-Hollow); Marie (Denmire); Zandra (Ocean View); Ashlyn (Tri-Day); Ghost (Ridgefield); Luella (Idee); Paradise (Van Dyk); Tripoli (Jeffrey Way); Belle (Southland); Paula (Holbra) Chanel (Startmore); Ruby (Calbrett); Lila Z (Lylehaven); Royal Rosa (Pinehurst); Danna (Relough);  Finnesse (Penn-Gate); Lustre (Idee); Prudence (Golden-Oaks); Robette (Astrahoe); Sara (Copywood);  and Roberta (Spring-Farm); Maude (Hilltara); Jolee (Bluesky’s family); Tippy (Ladys Manor); Molli Red (Morwick); and Rachelle (Startmore/Frocess).

Many of the world’s top AI bulls are also represented, with daughters selling by Man O Man, Niagra, Sanchez, Superstition, Bronco, Alexander, Goldwyn, Planet, Million and Shottle.

Holstein CC 1

Finalising plans for the Causeway Classic III are, sponsors Sam Watson, United Feeds, and Conor Loughran, Genus ABS, with auctioneer Michael Taaffee, centre. Looking on are Holstein NI chairman, Alan Cleland, and vice-chairman, Jay Warden.

Holstein CC 2

Copywood Goldwyn Sara 2 (EX-2nd Calf). Her February 2011 daughter by 'Atlas' (lot 17) sells at the Causeway Classic III Sale.

Holstein CC 3

Combination Roy Lassie (VG89-3yr) - Reseve All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2009. Her December 2010 Laurin daughter sells (lot 13). Lassie’s Gdam is maternal sister to ABF September Cheese (VG89-3YR)-Res.All-American Jnr 3Yr Old 2010.

Holstein CC 4

Ballycrochan Classic Sara Red - sells (lot 10) at the Causeway Classic III. This December 2010 Poos Stadel Classic daughter is bred from the show winning, high component Copywood Sara family. Her 3 dam Copywood KJ Sara (EX92) was Champion NHS 2005.

Holstein CC 5

ygrainey Mac Akira ET - sells (lot 5). She is believed to be one of Regancrest Mac’s highest Genomic daughters in the UK with GTPI+1941.

Holstein CC 6

Denmire Gibson Marie 22 (EX94-2E) is the 4th generation of EX94 cows from the high genomic Denmire Marie family - Gdam of lot 23.

The star studded line-up includes:

  • Early daughters from top AI Bulls such as Superstition, Niagra, Alexander, Man O Man, Bronco and Palermo.
  • The first Crackholm Fever daughter to sell at auction in Northern Ireland.
  • Potential 16th generation EX Scientific Dusk heifer from the Pinehurst Royal Rosa family.
  • Atlas daughter from Copywood Goldwyn Sara 2 ET (EX-2nd calf) – 2011 Balmoral and McLarnon’s Champion.
  • Laurin daughter form Combination Roy Lassie (VG89-3yr) – Reserve All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2009.
  • One of Regancrest Mac’s highest genomic daughters in the UK – Ballygrainey Mac Akira ET has a GTPI +1941 and her Gdam is sister to KHW Kite Advent Red!
  • First choice Bogart from Acecroft Goldwyn Lila Z (VG87-2yr) – dam of Willsbro Larson No:1 *RC genomic bull.
  • Three great red and white heifers from great cow families including Penn-Gate Finesse, Morwick Range Molli Red and Copywood KJ Sara families.
  • Only the 4th ‘Maude’ female ever to sell from Hilltara. The first three sold scored (EX92), (EX91) and  (VG87-2yr).  Goldwyn Maude (lot 6) is rated the best-ever sold by Hilltara and is from an (EX94) show winning Champion dam.


A warm welcome is extended to everyone to attend the Causeway Classic III. The evening event also boasts a selection of trade stands, a mouth-watering BBQ and an opportunity to try Hoys home-made Farmhouse Ice-cream.

Trade stands in attendance at the event include: Genus ABS, United Feeds, HVS Animal Health, Wilson Agriculture, Animax, Teemore Engineering, BRL Gypsum, Trioliet, ASC Farm Services, Kilco and David Irvine Foot Trimming.

Holstein Young Breeders’ Club co-ordinator, Hilary Wilson, is keen to point out that calves purchased on the night can still be entered for the 9th annual multi-breed calf show which takes place at Moira on Saturday, August 20. “We realise that several members might want to purchase calves for the showmanship classes at the calf show, and we are willing to extend the entry deadline to facilitate them. Anyone interested in entering must notify me on the night of the sale, as late entries will not be accepted after the 10th August.”

Holstein NI is willing to offer visitors help and advice with their travel plans. Overnight accommodation and transport from Belfast City and Belfast International airports can be arranged in advance. Contact John Martin on mobile: 07711 041128 or Julie Wallace on mobile: 07845 919597.

To obtain a copy of the catalogue contact Taaffe Auctions on tel: 00353 41 9881288. Alternatively, view the catalogue on-line by logging on to www.holstein-ni.co.uk or www.taaffeauctions.com

Entries for the Causeway Classic III catalogue include:

(See Table 1)


Name of Entry




Cluntagh Goldwyn Danna 2


Outstanding heifer – due October to Struik

Potential 9th generations VG/EX



Glasson Wisconsin A Molli Red


A True Red! Potential 9th generation VG/EX

Ready to flush now!



Towerview Damion Sara


Gdam is No:7 PLI cow in the UK

Potential 8th generation VG/EX



Carnhill Alexander Paula


Potential 13th generation VG/EX

Huge components



Ballygrainey Mac Akira


A high genomic’ Mac’

Gdam is sister to Advent



Hilltara Goldwyn Maude 2


Potential 9th generation VG/EX

Big time show potential!



Dunbanard Niagra Tate


Potential 11th generation VG/EX

Same family as Artes – No:1 in Italy



Carrowcroft  Mr Planet Ruby


Potential 8th generation VG/EX

Eye-catching Planet from great breeding family



Carrowcroft Taboo Jolee

Potential 10th generation VG/EX

Stylish Planet from ‘Bluesky’s ‘ family




Ballycrochan Classic Sara Red

A True Red ‘Sara’ and potential 8th generation VG/EX. Did somebody mention components?



Hilltara Million Tippy 2

Potential 8th generation VG/EX

Same family as Shamrock – No:1 genomic bull USA




Clarkestown Laurin Lassie


Potential 7th generation VG/EX. Dam reserve All-Canadian. Gdam sister to ABG September Cheese!




Clarkestown Jasper Luella 2

Potential 11th generation VG/EX

Beautiful black Jasper from a world-top family




Priestland 5125 Sanchez Paradise

Potential 8th generation VG/EX

Don’t miss opportunity for a piece of Paradise




Ballycairn Niagra Belle

Potential 9th generation VG/EX

Great family genomics, components and AI interest




Frocess Superstition Rachelle 2

Potential 9th generation VG/EX

GTPI+1939 from noted Startmore Rachelle family




Glasson Altas Go Sara

Potential 7th generation VG/EX

From the 2011 Balmoral and McLarnon’s Champion



Killane Classic Finesse Red 7


A True Red Classic from great USA Finesse cow family. Potential 6th generation VG/EX



Killane Knowledge Roberta 31

Potential 7th generation EX

Her dams (EX94), (EX94), (EX93) and (EX92)




Ards Shottle B Sara

Smart Shottle from great breeding Sara family

Dam (GP84-2yr); Gdam 7th generation VG/EX



Ballyginniff Steady Ghost

A very rare opportunity to purchase a ‘Ghost’

Dam due January; Gdam 9th generation VG/EX




Dunbanard Million Sara


Gdam reserve champion RUAS Balmoral 2009

Dam (GP84-2yr); Gdam 7th generation VG/EX



Ballycrochan Goldwyn Marie

High genomic ‘Denmire Marie’ family

The Complete Package! Gdam 4th generation (EX94)




Glasson Fever D Ashlyn


Potential 5th generation VG/EX

First Crackholm Fever daughter to sell in NI!



Ballycrochan Dusk Robette

Rare opportunity to secure a potential 16th generation EX, from Pinehurst Rosa family



Dunbanard Zahara

Potential 8th generation VG/EX. Modern Genetics!

Gdam is full sister to Ocean View Zenith




First Choice Heifer Calf

Bogart x Acecroft Goldwyn Lila Z (VG87-2yr)

From the Lila Z family

Bogart sister to Willsbro Larsen – No:1 genomic bull

First Choice


First Choice Heifer Calf

Man O Man or Oman Bronco x Smiddiehill Zahra(VG87)

Choice of Man O Man/ Beacon or Palermo


First Choice


3 Embryos

Classic x Ballyloran Advent Rae Red

A unique opportunity to acquire Red Roxies!




3 Embryos

Classic x Ballyloran Advent Rae Red




3 Embryos

Classic x Ballyloran Advent Rae Red




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